He has a strong shoulder for you to lean on.

It would be even better if you were here with us.

That isn't cool.

I guess June didn't see me.


I'm looking for recipes for a chocolate cake without any chocolate.

There's plenty of food in the pantry.

It was a mistake to stay.


I remember no such thing.

I told Ted about that.

Pete should know this.

She was advised by him to be punctual.

The fish is still raw.

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She is an early riser.

I don't have time to argue.

They both seemed to be crying out inside: "how beautiful is he".


It is a sneaking piece of cowardice for Authors to put feigned names to their works, as if like Bastards of their Brain they were afraid to own them.

You can use post office to ship all goods to private individuals and companies.

Seems like the cat had gotten wind of a rat.

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I noticed that she's wearing new glasses.

You're supposed to be helping them right now.

You can not drink the seawater, for it is too salty.

Who else is in there?

In winter, we must feed the birds.

This is a law, so it applies to everybody.

I'm sleepy. I'm going to sleep. Good night.

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She asked me not to tell anyone, so I didn't.


Ted was a little disoriented.

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Can we call her now?


They reneged on the agreement.

He sometimes loses his temper for nothing.

I gave him a hug.

She was eager to go home.

The moon moves around the earth.


It was natural and perhaps human that the privileged princes of these new economic dynasties, thirsting for power, reached out for control over government itself. They created a new despotism and wrapped it in the robes of legal sanction. In its service new mercenaries sought to regiment the people, their labor, and their property.

Did you see the game yesterday between the Hanshin Tigers and the Tokyo Giants?

He's got the new technique down pat.

I would like to think hard about it first.

The fish are in the sea.

She hit me on the head and she ran away.

Even this cable cost me 6000 yen.

What time is good for you?

On the Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day, we visit our grandparents and do nice things for them.

Francisco didn't want to kill anybody.

I'm tired but I'll do it anyway.


Ray couldn't blame Hsi for saying what she did.


You should avail yourself of this opportunity without fail.

It may have been Carsten that wrote this note.

My mother can play golf very well.


He doesn't work for us anymore.


I will call you within a week.

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Kids really are little devils, aren't they?

You always meet twice.

We still want to help you.

Why don't you go back to where you came from?

Toufic slept under mosquito netting.

I regret that I have spoken the truth.

It keeps getting harder and harder.

Nou is a cold-hearted murderer.

Are you sure you don't want to study at my house?

Learning a new language is fun.

There were two pieces of cake.

He missed you.

I'm too tired to do anything right now.

Sing with us.

Lewis doesn't really like Huashi, even though he says he does.


You never talk about yourself.

I said I would make her happy.

You'll be there, won't you?

Boyce died October 20, 2013.

There is a picture that he himself drew.

I don't have any demands.

Do you apply some ointment on this wound?


Stop! There's a deer on the road.

My brother has a taste for music.

Are you waiting for them?

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Hearing him speak English, one would take him for an Englishman.

Why would anyone do this if they didn't have to?

I want to kiss him goodbye.

I see where this is going.

Imogen of the Internet drew a mustache on each of her fingers, outdoing all of her friends, who only thought to draw a mustache on one finger.


Naren and I usually meet here at 2:30.

I've gone and caught a cold.

You really hurt him.

Police are everywhere.

We'll do away with all these silly rules as soon as we can.

I have kept a diary in English these ten years.

Avery has put on weight since the last time I saw him.

The library is in the center of the city.

He didn't know the fact that everyone knew.

The world is unjust.

We had strict rules.


Is this plan feasible?

I thought maybe you were right.

Does anyone know what this is?

For God's sake don't tell it to anyone.

Wood is the raw material for making paper.

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I made a long journey last year.


You had better not go there.

I was so excited that I could not fall asleep.

Brendan looks like he might start crying.

They hadn't gone very far when they met an old man.

Tell the maid to make the beds.

Why are you angry with her?

Don't brush me off.

Don't ask me why.

You believe him, don't you?


Hugh is afraid of showing his feelings.

The fog was thickening quickly.

It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.

I'll leave you tomorrow.

Should I get a doctor?

Phill said he was sick, but that was a lie.

They're not my real parents.

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There's something I want to check.

They look so serious.

Greg told me that she was glad to see me.

The boy singing a song is my brother.

Many paintings hang in art museums.

We're in Boston now.

Gretchen is very secretive when it comes to talking about his childhood.

My husband was behind me every step of the way.

Cathryn is very studious.

I'm excited about this opportunity.

It's a shot in the arm.


There's no way to keep Steen from going.


Why isn't Vance doing this?

I believe that's correct.

I was accorded permission to use the car.


She came to my aid.


Eliot said he didn't see Sherman.


It is clear that we cannot live without air.

I'll see you after lunch.

He who thinks himself already too wise to learn from others will never succeed in doing anything.

Barrio was killed in 2013.

When did you give up?

He is fond of vegetables, and cabbages in particular.

Leave him alone, you evil bastard!

Kathy left the school earlier today.

I promised Elwood I'd pick up lunch.


No matter what I try, I can't seem to give up smoking.

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I am familiar with his music.

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Clear up the cause.

He is justly proud of his son.

I think Lea is a good driver.

He falls in love with Aiesha.

The temperature is lower than usual.

Have you found anything?

Hello everyone! My name is Mongo.

Stephen Jackson's first book wasn't bad either.

I wish I were mistaken.


Gunter asked Floyd what time she wanted him to come over.

The child dug a grave for the dead animal.

Jack is one of my friends.

He answered in tears.

There's a news conference scheduled for this afternoon.


This election campaign is going to be a hellish mix of vituperative venom, as nasty as a fraternity house bathroom on New Year's Eve.

By that time, astral projection became a prerequisite course in his university.

This happened every fall.

Lisa, keep an eye on my suitcase while I buy our train tickets.

I reprimanded him for his insolence.


Glenn and Blaine have a big house.


This is the first time I've ever grown a beard.

Farouk has bruises on his right arm.

They're preparing food.